It’s a busy world out there, we communicate on average using 5 platforms a day. Wow! Such as email (you may be reading this on a news letter), Google feeds, social media, texting, messenger platforms and more.

 How do we track? There is software to help and ask digital specialists what are best for you. Meanwhile let’s be good to each other.

1. Be mindful of Subject lines in emails

2. Don’t change topics in your message to a new one and leave the same subject line. People will miss messages, guaranteed.

3. Use simple and factual information and add details, links, phone numbers if needed

4. If referring to old information, please inform the person where to find reference documents.

5. Call the person. Sometimes, actually most times it will save both parties many messages we don’t need to scan.


Keep conversations open, be clear and mindful of what you communicate on what platform.

There are many more good points on communicating more effectively. Please share any tips you have. We will share more.

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