The R&R Solution Team

Recruitment, Retention, and Leadership

Our team of professionals works to grow your organization from the inside-out!

People make the difference in all organizations, regardless of size, product type or otherwise. Our consultants have been business owners, executives, managers, and entrepreneurs. We know first hand about what it takes to be a successful employer and our mission is to support our clients in becoming the ‘employer of choice’.

The Leader: Michelle Alcorn

The Leader: Michelle Alcorn


Michelle Alcorn is an award-winning business strategist, coach,
best-selling author, chef and connector. She became the proud Founder
of R&R Solution over 10 years ago and President & CEO of Atlantic Canada
Language Academy in Lunenburg Nova Scotia in 2020.
A strong advocate for our local community, she serves as Past President
of the Albert County Chamber of Commerce and sits on the Education and
Training Committee for the Moncton North East Construction Association.
A believer in the power of food to connect and transcend language barriers,
Michelle produces and hosts “Atlantic Canada Cooks”, a weekly online cooking
club promoting local producers and proudly connecting people from all over
the world with opportunities in Atlantic Canada. Michelle is an in-demand
speaker, notably being on the Recruitment Committee for present EduNova in 2021.
Jawad Markzi

Jawad Markzi

Project Manager

Jawad Markzi is the team’s Administrative Ninja. He helps keep everyone connected. This he does from Morocco on-line leveraging his great enthusiasm, organization and communication skills in English, French and Arabic. He has education in business and excellent experience in several industries ensuring all client needs are met. He has some amazing musical skills; make sure you check him out on-line. Jawad is ready to support our team in making sure you get the best service experience.

Tainan Lima

Tainan Lima


Tainan is an outgoing and motivated Mechanical Engineer. He was born in Brazil and grew up in Argentina, living in Buenos Aires. In 2019, after a trip to Canada, he decided to pursue Canadian life. He took his English program online in 2020 with ACLA and is now enrolled with NSCC, living in Halifax, Nova Scotia and studying Mechanical Engineering to develop his career here in Canada.

He loves to connect with people, solve problems, and travel the beautiful coastline of NS. Growing up, Tainan had the privilege to live in Paraguay and Assunción where he learned how to speak Guarani. He then returned to Brazil where he learnt how to speak Portuguese. We are very proud to have Tainan on our team supporting students across the world to connect with life in Atlantic Canada.

Jennifer MacLeod

Jennifer MacLeod


With more than 25 years as a self-employed businesswoman, Jenny is acutely aware of the challenges of running a business. She has a varied business background that includes time in

photography licencing and copyright services, teaching, and home care/elder care service industry personnel. Her professional journey culminated in her career as a respected bookkeeper.

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