R&R Documents

Leadership 101

The basics – this overview of leadership gives a snap shot of the keys to being a successful leader. Get helpful tips from communication to how people learn.

Behavioural Interviewing

Key questions broken by areas that are important for any new hire. Use these to be a more successful interviewer + add your own to have a great interview.

Creating A Position Description

A resource to assist you in creating a position description for new and existing roles within your company. Sets clear roles and expectations.

Getting The Career You Want

An overview of tips for your career hunt. Get organized, implement some best practices and revisit how you are searching for your next career step.

R&R Frequently Asked Questions

Why are good people so hard to find? Where do I find them?
“Good” people are usually working. They could be in a role where they are happy and productive and not looking for work, or are looking passively for the right opportunity. Looking due to the fact their current employer is not fulfilling some need for that person – leadership, training, recognition, advancement, compensation or other)
What are employees really looking for?
A good work place where they have the tools to do the role they were hired to do, training and on-going support to ensure they know how they are performing. Respect and honesty from their employer to deliver on the promises they made when hired.
How do I attract good people to my company?
Make sure your current people talk about how good you are today. They will help you attract more good people. Talk about what you do on your website, have a digital marketing strategy and follow it. Leverage social media and be part of your community online. Allow your employees to participate in your community live with volunteerism
What are the best questions to ask in an interview?
Open-ended behavioral type questions that create a conversation, so you can ask more relevant questions to that applicant. A few of Michelle’s faves:
  • Tell me about yourself and why you are the right person for this role?
  • What is the proudest achievement you have made in your career in the last year?
  • What do you expect from your employer? (TIP – Always ask this before you tell them what you offer!)
  • How do you measure your own performance?
Why should I pre screen candidates?
Your time is valuable and people are your most valuable asset, it is worth it. Always screen the resume for key areas relevant to the role you are recruiting for, sort he applicants and screen the 1st round with a phone interview (use a template), or video screening software. This is a person you  are hiring, it gives you a chance to establish a rapport and show who you are as a company. Applicants are screening YOU too, people have choices to work in different places, why you?
What is the biggest mistake employers make when interviewing?
Employers talk too much in the interview, mostly in the beginning they tell the applicant too much about themselves and their company before you have even asked a KEY question. Tell me what you know about our Company? Industry? Not listening to the applicant’s answers (many reasons for this …often the interviewer is not sure how to effectively interview someone).
Why do people always ask – what are your top 3 skills?
Because it is important. A person looking for work should know what they bring to a possible employer, WHY should they hire you? It is important to know yourself and what you are good at and how it relates to your job or career. Your skills they are looking for are the ones that directly show you are capable of doing the job you are being interviewed for. Lastly – you know you will be asked it. Please DON’T say I hate that question in the interview!
How do I tell the employer how much money I really want to make?
Know your value and the average rate of pay for the role in the market you are applying for. ALL people applying for work that will ask this question in an interview have the skills to look this information up online. Pay rates in a company should be set on a position not a person – so know this if you are applying for roles that would be “under” your previous role or pay range. Careful to those people going from large corporations to smaller companies with less pay ranges, and or scope of responsibility.
What are the most important things employees expect from an employer?
Respect is the one I hear most – this from thousands of interviews. Training when hired and on-going. Feedback from a good manager/leader that is consistent. Tools – to do the role you have hired them for in the most efficient way possible.
Why do people keep leaving/quitting?
You are not hiring the right people to fill the role to begin with. You may have things missing in your company – tools, support, leadership, and training. Good people get hired, then the employer over promised in the interview and did not deliver.

We get asked many questions and we love to answer them PLEASE send us more!!

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