We get advice from medical professionals and know we should follow it. When we don’t get the results we want, we do not blame the ‘Doctor’. We know that we didn’t follow the advice with the exercises or diet change. We just try to do better. 

In business why is it people are given advice and don’t follow it at all or properly and yet are “unhappy” when they don’t get the expected results. Additionally they tend to blame the ‘consultant’ or advisor. 

Noting the person did not do what was advised to begin with and yet expected results? This is confusing. When making a recipe you use all ingredients and follow the steps recommended by someone with the results you want and the dish is delicious. If you get good advice, follow it, don’t leave out an ingredient or step. You can substitute an ingredient but know what you are choosing. And please do not fall into a blame game if you change the recipe and don’t get the desired results. 

You are the chef in your life. Build your menu with intent. 

Enjoy your results, best served with a snack. 

C – Creative 

H –  Hopeful 

E –  Enthusiastic 

F –  Focused 

By Michelle Alcorn 

August 2023 

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