Listening or Waiting to Speak?

How fast are we all running through life? Reflect back on the conversations you have had over the last24 hours with your staff, friends, and family. We ask questions and we have conversations, but do we truly ‘listen’ to the answers?

I learned a long time ago there is a difference between listening and waiting to speak! This has been a great lesson that has served me well. Spending thousands of hours interviewing people at all levels for any industries – listening is key. Everyone has a story and there is always a message in the story that is important to hear.

Really, all we want as people is to be heard. This is very true, especially when we are asked a question.
Employers that ask questions to employees are doing a good job at engaging and getting out there; the
real question is are they hearing what their people are really telling them?

Our front-line people that speak with our customers every day are the ones with the pulse on our
company. Listen to what they have learned about what is going well and where we can be better. Show
your employees that you are listening by acting on the feedback they give you, whether it’s how to be a
better employer, to service customers better, or to be more productive. A few tips on how to show
people you are a listener:

Clarify the point:“so what I hear you saying…”
Offer a similar story to demonstrate understanding
Eye contact is key
Turn OFF your computer screen
Use the “DND” (do not disturb) button on your phone
Turn off your cell phone and .let them see you do it
Take notes
Give credit to the employee that had an idea that was implemented

You have a choice to be a better employer, employee, friend, and partner – whatever your role is. When
you make the choice to be present and engaged, the possibilities are endless. Relationships will grow
and prosper if you…
Just listen!

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