Leadership Training – How do you choose?

There are lots of talks these days about leadership gaps/issues/challenges. This is a conversation that is partly fueled by the skills gap more and more companies/industries are feeling. This is also being driven by the Boomers retiring and Millennials in the workforce (all are working together on the same team – but have they forgotten that?). I think we can all agree that skilled, experienced and motivated leadership is necessary for our businesses to be successful and thrive.

People have to learn leadership skills from somewhere. Typically, leadership isn’t taught in high school or post-secondary Universities or Colleges. Yes, you might learn some theories but without real-life examples, it’s hard to see how and when those theories should be applied. That’s why companies have to put some kind of leadership training in place. It allows individuals to tie together the theory they learned and the hands-on application they’re gaining in the workplace.

Good Leadership is KEY – remember people quit people, not companies! What’s the best way to bring leadership training to your team? Here are a few things to consider:

1. Decide what skills to focus on; Make a list and prioritize them.

2. Narrow it down to a few skills that will make the most impact and start with those.
a. Talk to your people from front lines and throughout your team; they know the gaps.

3. Find the training provider who best aligns with your company culture and values.
a. Talk to references of the training provider – Know a provider’s experience, what industries they’ve worked in and their philosophy regarding the subject matter.
b. What approach do they take? Games? Activities? Style of training?

4. Scheduling is important – can they provider work during hours that you require them to? What is best for your people and have the least disruption to your clients.
a. What continued support do they offer to your people? On-going.

Training and development is an investment. Companies want to know their investment is going to have some ROI. The best way for your team to develop new skills is to practice so it’s important the trainer is ensuring a hand on approach.

Treat others how they want to be treated and ensure you are giving your team what they need in order to serve your customers better every day!

Service excellence is the key to success (Serve your team well through your leaders)

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