Communicating with Diverse Teams   

Communication is key for everyone, clear communication is even better. It means two people exchange words and clear understanding of expectations, feelings and context. Advice from years of experience working with talented Newcomers.

  • Make sure that you use full sentences make sure communication is clear with good grammar.
  • Talk to people in a way that makes sense avoid using slang and speak clearly. (Not loud – they can hear)
  • Be aware of the amount of jokes and idioms you’re using during meetings when you have people from different cultures that are new and maybe a person may only been here in the last 3 to 6 months and there’s still understanding what all the “funny things” that we say really mean.
  • Take your time to listen fully to the person and ask clarifying questions.
  • Last note > do not say the same thing 3 times the same way, usually they didn’t understand the first time, repeating doesn’t help. Take the time to reframe what you are asking the person. (an refer back to the point about “clear” communication)

Think about your internal communication with your team? Ask are there many new  people to our organization? And regardless of where they are from, do we make sure that everybody feels included that’s what inclusiveness is all about when you have diversity in your workplace you need to make sure that there is equity and inclusion. All people can grow with your team with the right skills.

Have fun with better conversations!

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