That is what we do. People are “wired” for connection, humans are social.

Since forever we have gathered for food and listened to music. Finding ways to connect with people outside of work are key.

Shared values is what brings us together a belief in the same team, community, hobby, cause and more.

Ask the people in your company, What do they value most? What do you expect from your leadership?

We are all busy and also have the same amount of time. We spend on average 7-8 hours per day with our work “family”.

Yes “work family” we spend our most alert hours of our day with this group of people and they become an extension of our families.

Take the time to find out what is important to the people around you and find ways to connect.

Food is always a great way. Connect with me anytime to host a great food experience with your people.

Michelle Connects

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