Hiring Foreign workers will be one of smartest things you do.

You’ll add new ideas, creativity, productivity and innovation. These inspired workers have overcome many challenges to come to Canada, more than most can imagine. All to live a better life with their family with Opportunities for their children. They will add diversity and open new conversations creating better team engagement.

They want good careers, communities and homes they can afford to live safely in.

They are brave, Resilient, persistent and capable of any task they are given. The process they go through to immigrate is more than anything most of us has ever done. That fact alone tell you how strong they are.

Remember when they arrive to work with you, they have sold their home, all belongings and many will never see their families again. I hope as more foreign workers become Canadian they will encourage like minded family and friends to join them here in Atlantic Canada 🇨🇦. 

Proudly over 50% of my workforce was born in another Country and English was not their first language. That is our “Super Power” as a team. We understand people and support them during the most vulnerable time a day more rewarding as they learn and understand.

Learning an additional Language is a skill and remember many of our Newcomers know 3 or 4 additional languages.

Supporting Newcomers comes in many ways. Atlantic Canada Language Academy in Lunenburg Nova Scotia is always looking for Homestay families to host our International Students that come for 2 weeks up to 42 weeks, most are with ACLA for 12-24 weeks prior to going to a Job, College, University or returning home to support their home Country.

You will feel like you are visiting another country through food, music and conversation.

Welcome our Newcomers to our companies and communities with knowing you have made some incredible new friends that will forever enrich your life.

Volunteer with local Multicultural groups, schools and see how you can get involved.

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