Leadership needs to Change

Leadership needs to change…..

I recently read a GREAT book “How to have confidence and Power in dealing with people” Les Giblin 1956. It was an easy and enjoyable book to read that really makes you think.

One note that really took me back; on page 24 he lists the top 7 reasons employees are unhappy. Before I list them I was taken back with all of the information, training, and opportunity in 2018 that these reasons are still the same today!

1. Failure to give credit for suggestions
2. Failure to correct grievances
3. Failure to encourage
4. Criticizing employees In front of other people
5. Failure to ask employees for their opinions
6. Failure to inform employees of their progress
7. Favoritism

• The statement people “quit” people not companies was an issue in 1956 and still is the number 1 reason people quit companies today!
• Leaders need to make changes in their organizations; take action on the things they often talk about and pay thousands of dollars in training for. Information is only words unless you choose to take actions towards making a change.

What action will you take in your company today to ensure these are not on your employee’s lists?

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